That lightning may perhaps descend in the heavens to the earth along a path prepared by cosmic rays could be the suggestion of John Thadberg, a Stockholm, Sweden, physicist. In accordance with his theory, which was not too long ago presented within a British scientific journal, the rays ionize the air along the irregular path, the electrified particles acting as ferry-boats to carry the bolt across the gap.

Such flashes from the sky add some one hundred,-000,000 tons of nitrogen to the soil each year, K. B. McEachron, lightning engineer from the Basic Electric Firm, estimates. In passing by way of the air best imitation audemars piguet watches , which can be around four-fifths nitrogen, the discharges fix inside the ground big quantities of this chemical so crucial to plant development.

FOR many years, science has received skeptically tales of lightning that rolled out on the sky in balls. A few weeks ago, even so, two scientists in Nebraska not only witnessed such a display but obtained exceptional photographs of it. They are Prof. J. C. Jensen, of Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln, and George Raveling, U. S. Climate Bureau observer inside the exact same state. Both saw the ball lightning through violent storms that were practically tornadoes. As outlined by Raveling's description, a fiery stream poured in the sides of a boiling, dust-laden cloud fake watches audemars piguet , like water pouring from a sieve, breaking into spheres of irregular shape since it descended.

In its a variety of forms, electricity, drifting or functioning within the air about us, is quickly assuming a much more crucial spot in science's image of nature. Spectacular advances have been produced lately in its study. It still remains, having said that, a realm of infinite possibilities and many mysteries.

For twenty years, the Carnegie, a ship without a nail or bit of steel on board, sailed the seas gathering data on these magnetic lines, a phenomenon closely linked to electricity in the air. In 1929, this vessel, the only one of its sort, was destroyed inside a gasoline explosion in western Samoa.

It is now recognized that magnetism, electricity, volcanoes, and earthquakes are linked in some mysterious way. When a volcano erupts, for instance, compass needles which are far out of array of the earth vibrations are shaken with magnetic tremors audemars piguet swiss replica . Once more after an eruption, when the lava is cooling, it becomes magnetized either positively or negatively based on the path on the earth's magnetic field in the time. By studying old lava beds, Dr. A. J. Fleming, of the Carnegie Institution, suggests, scientists may be capable of find out new information regarding the magnetic history on the earth.

THE most recent approach of forecasting earthquakes, which can be becoming tried in Chile where compact quakes occur almost weekly, employs disturbances within the earth's magnetism as a sign of an approaching tremor. At the Salto Climate Observatory, in that country, it was noted that extreme quakes were often preceded by magnetic storms inside the region. Sensitive instruments in the observatory now register minute-to-minute variations in terrestrial magnetism and, on these records, replika audemars piguet earthquake predictions are being broadcast together with the typical weather reports.

In the eastern part of the United states of america, one of the most curious uses of electrical energy in the air was lately reported. Mushroom growers identified that right after an electrical storm the fungi grew most quickly. Ozone within the air, a item of lightning flashes, was believed to become the bring about. So now, after they choose to hurry their crops for marketplace, they turn on machines which discharge static electrical energy into the air and generate conditions comparable to those that comply with lightning.

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